• study.com review

    study.com review

    Whatever your needs, business courses, math courses, english courses, history courses, psychology courses, business courses, science courses or test prep read my study.com review to find out how this amazing website can help you achieve your goals.

  • study.com is used by over 10 million people

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  • A review of study.com

    Whether you're a current college student or struggling through high school, there's a way to make your learning experience even more fun and engaging. I found a website that's geared toward my educational goals. Study.com is an easy way to achieve your goals, the aim of my review is to help you understand this complex website and all of its features. If you're a "B" or "C" student today, it's possible to be an "A" pupil with a little help from Study.com.

    Shortcomings in the Traditional Classroom

    Not everyone can excel in a standard classroom environment.

    Every teacher is different, and they offer a wide variety of study tools. I always found that typical study guides weren't sufficient enough to help me during tests. There was always a missing subject that relegated my "A" grade to a "B."

    Study.com makes it easier for me to find the study guides I need for ultimate test-taking success. Several guides are available online, and they make any confusing lectures simpler to understand. You don't have to wait for a study guide to be passed out one day before a test. You can use the guides throughout a class, and make notes as necessary for thorough comprehension and understanding.

    Different learning styles

    Everyone has a different learning style.

    Learners in any physical or virtual classroom might absorb material based on their format, such as:

    • Visual representations
    • Audio components
    • Real-life examples


    Study.com doesn't just post lectures for basic reading and note-taking needs. I've experienced a class unit taught through animation and interaction with those characters.


    In fact, the entire experience was more entertaining than a standard learning environment. Once you find the best way to absorb any presented information, look for courses that present the information in the same way, so as to boost your learning and ability to retain information. 


    Technology should make learning a fun process and study.com uses different learning styles to help you to pick up things quickly.

    Limited Parental Help

    If you're in middle or high school, learning can be a difficult process for some people.

    My parents couldn't help me with my schoolwork during my teen years because it was at a level that they just didn't understand.


    You might encounter the same issues, and your grades suffer as a result. When you have limited parental help.


    Study.com becomes your go-to resource regarding subject clarity. Search through the various courses and evaluate the current unit that you are having issues with and get instant help and answers. 


    With a little reading and practicing skills presented online, you can thoroughly understand a subject on your own. Mastering concepts with minimal help gives you the power of independence as you grow and evolve into a decorated college graduate.

    Critical Standardized Test Preparation

    There are numerous standardized tests, including:

    • ACT
    • AP
    • SAT


    You need to study hard and pass all of these tests if you want to attend a good college. I took the SAT test several times before I reached a spectacular score. You can possibly take the SAT one time and achieve a high score when you use preparation tools courtesy of Study.com. Time yourself, experience the test questions and feel confident with multiple exams found on Study.com's website.

    When I used the prep tools, they were very helpful when I reached the real test environment. I knew what to expect so I could relax and take the test without much anxiety. These standardized tests will often dictate where you go to school in the near future.

    Get College Credit

    Any college is an expensive investment so try to gain as many credits as you can toward graduation by using Study.com's transfer credit tools.

    Search for the school that you want to transfer to in the future, and look over all of the credits necessary for their degrees. 


    Study.com offers several online courses so that you can complete lower-level classes at a minimal cost. You'll only have the upper-level courses left to complete at the college. As a result, you'll have a lower higher-learning cost but with the same perks as other college graduates.

  • study.com is used by over 10 million people

    Get a FREE 5 day trial with instant access to over 10,000 training videos

  • Study in Comfort

    I used to throw on my sweats and head out to an 8 a.m. class three times a week.

    If you work or participate in other activities outside of school, you understand how difficult it is to show up to early-morning college classes.


    Study.com is different because you determine your own class time. There are strict deadlines, but you're aware of them well before the date. You plan your time accordingly so that every assignment is completed alongside your personal responsibilities. In essence, these courses test you in a reality-based situation because real life and work will always test your time-management abilities.


    Important Career Information Included

    I used to take all of the traditional classes my friends were taking, but then I realized the credits weren't adding up to a streamlined graduation time. Study.com offers important career information that dictates the classes you need for a successful graduation. 


    Each career choice has a clear description of the challenges you'll face along with the proper coursework to achieve that goal. If you have any further questions, it's always possible to email the support team at Study.com. Once you have a defined pathway to your educational goal, it's possible to plan your semesters for a speedy graduation.

    Lessons Created by Certified Teaching Professionals

    I always wondered who wrote those online lessons and if they were truly knowledgeable about the subject. There are no worries at Study.com because each lesson is pieced out to professionals who understand the concepts. Certified teachers are encouraged to develop, write and present the information online. As it's created, the information is evaluated by Study.com's staff. Only the very best material makes it to the students' home pages. You can trust in the information and even message the teacher with any questions. Clarity is the entire point of online courses and subject material.

    Personalized Account Makes Learning Easy

    If you go to Study.com's website, you might wonder about where to click or start your course search. In my case, I created a personal account with my own login information. After setting up your account, you'll have your own home page to organize all of your classes. You can access past class histories and grades, for example. Take a look at your current classes and potential new courses during the next semester. This home page allows you to control your learning experience with very little effort. With any Internet connection, you can always return to this page and keep your studying efforts clear and understandable.

    Simple Online Interface

    When you first land on Study.com's website, you might feel overwhelmed about all of the choices on their home page. If you take a little time, you'll realize that their organization is very intuitive. I sort my study time by selecting the grade level I'm working on by using Study.com's drop-down boxes. You can also hunt for specific subjects too. Simply take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the website. 


    After only 5 minutes, I found my favorite subject and started reading the content. My next test was incredibly simple to complete and achieve a high score.

    Three-Tiered Plan System

    You might wonder how much all of these study tools cost. In fact, I was excited to see that Study.com allows you to personalize your time on the site. Select from three different studying plans, including basic, premium and accelerator. In most cases, people prefer the premium experience where you have access to nearly every component within the website. 


    The College Accelerator plan is meant for students who're trying to enter college with as many credits as possible. If you compare college costs to the Accelerator program, you'll save hundreds of dollars as a result of signing up with Study.com.

    Get to Know the Format

    The test format itself is part of the learning process. I used to stumble over multiple-choice problems before I learned how to negotiate them on every test. As you sign up for Study.com, you'll be able to see the test formats and how they work. You'll have timed tests so that time management is part of the process. 


    After you finish the test, any wrong answers will be revealed with their correct selections. I always appreciated the revealed selections so that I could study these areas again for future success.

    Free Trial as an Introductory Gift

    If you're curious about Study.com, you can give it a try without any commitment. The website offers a free trial period where you can have access to all of the basic learning components. Study.com wants you to see the difference that they offer for almost any grade level between middle school and college.


    When you understand the helpfulness of the site, you're welcome to officially join by selecting an appropriate plan.

    The only way to truly understand my Study.com review is to try the service out for yourself. There's no obligation to purchase a plan, but you'll probably want to continue achieving in school by using this website's services. 


    Avoid paying for expensive tutors that only help you with one subject. Study.com offers nearly every subject taught in high school and college. You'll be ready for the business world in no time.

  • study.com is used by over 10 million people

    Get a FREE 5 day trial with instant access to over 10,000 training videos

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